Simple steps to start earning


Create an account

To create an account, provide your personal information and choose a password. You will need to verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to you before you can log in.


Fund your account

To start investing, fund your account with your desired amount and follow the instructions provided. Deposits can be made at any time using the various payment methods available


Start your investment

The choice is yours when it comes to investing with us. You can opt to invest in our crypto investment opportunities, invest in Aspirx shares, or invest in an NFT. The decision is entirely yours.


About Aspirx Shares

Own portions of the assets of our business. Aspirxfund enables investors to buy investments as shares (Aspirx Shares). This is a profitable and efficient method of generating income without predetermined profit margins. At the conclusion of every month, we distribute dividends to all of our shareholders from the profit we've made.

One obtains more money if they own more units of shareholdings (Aspirx Shares). Shares (Aspirx Shares) can be instantly bought and sold on our platform with a 0% fee, and they are advertised and available for purchase to registered and active investors. After being purchased, shares (Aspirx Shares) can be sold in full or in fractions.

About Staking

With Aspirxfund's decentralized yield staking service, you may earn massive payouts simply by HODLING your coins. Stake with ease, contributing to ETH and BNB liquidity pools for large passive returns that are accessible for withdrawal at any moment.

A safe and user-friendly interface, withdrawals are available at any moment and APYs of up to 190,000% are possible,